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Custom mural historical

Custom Murals

"I love to paint custom murals. They add a personal touch to your building and homes." -Sheri 

Anniversary painting 50 years, flowers, roses, oils, life drawing

Special Keepsakes


Original oil paintings 

make wonderful keepsake gifts. 

This is a special painting dear to my heart. I painted it as a gift for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. The flowers were picked out of our flower garden by our daughter, Caitlin

Sunflowers, reclaimed furniture, trunk, oil painting

Custom Artwork on reclaimed items

Fun Ideas...

Functional art on an 

item from your home, an auction or my collection.

Cats, oil painting, blue birds, reclaimed wooden chair, functional artwork, spring images

Oils, Custom Murals and Artwork

Custom Murals 

Details, size, placement and due date determine quote.

Basic 4'x4' mural $250

Detailed 4'x4' full color mural $600

Full Value large murals start at $400

Full Color large murals start at $700

Building murals average cost $1000

Murals and More

murals, Be Kind

Portraits: Oils, Pastels or Graphite

(Animal Portraits only at this time. 2025 Kid portraits available)

Advertising, Logo, Wooden artwork

Special order portraits. Call for a quote. $50-$150   

Christmas orders are due by Oct. 1.


Custom Signs and Tables  Out of Stock- More Available in 2025

Indoor and Outdoor  -  MDO Board, brick or reclaimed wood

4'x4' Basic signs on board $100-150

Live paint demonstrations, festival art setup, signs


Event Artist Opportunities

On sight pet portraits, live demonstrations.

Festival signs, custom patriotic artwork, flags, cowboy
festival, chair art, cat, live rabbit, art display
festival, signs
mural, eagle, sepia tone

BG Chamber of Commerce Murals

Eleven sepia toned planter murals -  Completed 2022

Extension Planters (Gray tones 2023-24)

Location: Bowling Green, MO Town Square

Scenes include rural Pike County, Missouri 

and Patriotism.

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